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SHIHO.Shift holder  - Clearance


The gear shaft stands too far out of the gear box, it bends elastically when shifting hard or quick which is the reason for imprecise gear shifting.
Our Shift holder helps to eliminate gear shift problems, it stabilises the gear shaft and
eliminates vague shifting. A brass-bushing is used, it comes in hard anodised titanium colour.

 modelyeardescription Part no.
GSX-R 1000´07 - ´08Shiftholder KitSHIHO_CL
GSX-R 1000´09-´11Shiftholder KitSHIHO_CY
GSX-R 1000´12-Shiftholder KitSHIHO_CY
YZF-R6´03 - ´04Shiftholder KitSHIHO_RJ05
YZF-R6´04 - ´05Shiftholder KitSHIHO_RJ05

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